Thermal Clinic Reviewed

Gary Hill came to Santa Barbara to learn more about thermals ...

Gary Hill Flying from Alternator

Gary Hill high above Westbowl in Santa Barbara looking east.


I want to say Thank You. First and foremost for your patients with Roger and I. Secondly I want to thank you for your instruction, and mentoring during our stay in Santa Barbara. I went with concerns about my skills and abilities; however you immediately put me at ease. You communicated information clear and concisely, and when you would see the hour glass spinning you would present the topic from a different angle until I had a grasp on the subject.

The amount of information we covered along with the hints and tips you freely shared with me was huge. What I learned from you in a few days would have taken me years to learn on my own, but more the likely scenario; I would have never figured it out.

I went to Santa Barbara with a goal, to learn and improve my skills and become a better pilot.  I left Santa Barbara with new tools and better flying skills, the ability to evaluate current weather and terrain. You give me the confidence to push myself as a result I had my personal best flight on Saturday, according to the flight log in my Vario  flight time 67 minutes, I climbed to 4800’ and had a average climb of 590 fpm. I would have bailed for the safety of the LZ with out your encouragement and guidance once you were flying with me.

If there is video, or a few pictures from our Saturday flight, please let me know how much I owe you for them and I will get it right out to you. (No charge Gary, photos and videos are always included)

I will say that I am look forward to our spring and summer season even more, so I build on the foundation laid down in Santa Barbara. I will always maximize the day, stay over the highest terrain, and commit to the turn.

Thank You Again!

Gary Hill


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Gary Hill high above Westbowl in Santa Barbara looking west.


A little background on Gary

I was introduced to Paragliders by my brother (Roger on the left in this photo, Gary on the right), a hang glider and paraglider pilot. I started training that same year and received my P2 rating a year later in October 2006 from Cloud 9 Soaring Center in Salt Lake City Utah.

The majority of my flying after getting my P2 has been in western Nebraska, I have had the opportunity to fly sites in Utah, California, and of course near my home in western Nebraska.

In 2008 I plan on flying in the mountains of Colorado, towing in the grasslands, SIV clinic, and of course planning the next annual paragliding adventure.

This is "Hubbs" launch in western Nebraska near Scottsbluff.


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