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All About Paragliding

Paragliding has been my passion since November of 1995, so this SBXC Challenge coincides with 10 years of amazement, adventure and flight. I knew after my first flight that I wanted to teach my brother, my family, and my friends how to fly. It has been a great journey.

I started teaching after 5 years of flying in 2000 and I started my own school called "Circling Hawk Paragliding" in November of 2003. I'm located in Santa Barbara, California and I offer many services including:

Tandem Flights

Full Pilot Certification

Site Guiding

Advanced Ratings

Thermal Clinics

Paragliding Tours

Equipment Sales


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Click here to go to Circling Hawk Paragliding.


Contact me if you are interested in going flying - by e-mail, by phone: 805-403-5848.



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