Downloading Your Track Log
Using GPSDump


Step 1

Open GPSDump and select the drop down menu under “Logs”. Make sure you have your GPS cable attached to your Serial or USB port and turn on your GPS. As soon as your GPS initializes, set the unit to “use with GPS off” or whatever mode allows you to use your GPS offline and not connect to satellites. Click on the GPS model that applies to you and GPSDump will read your units active log and show it on-screen.


Step 2

Once your track log is displayed on screen, highlight the entire left hand column: “GMT date”. After highlighting, scroll down to make sure the entire column is highlighted. If you know approx. what time you launched and landed you can check the “GMT time” column to make sure it’s consistent with what you remember your flight time to be.


Step 3

If everything looks good, and the left hand column is still highlighted, click on the “File” drop down menu and select “Write tracklog (igc)”.


Step 4

The “IGC File Format” window will appear and allow you to input personal info. Fill in fields: Pilot, Glider Type, Site, Flight # and Class. There are check boxes below the fields, check them as you see them here and click “Save”.


Step 5

The “Save track log” window will pop up next. Save the file to your hard drive using the filename “SBXC” followed by “YRMODAY” and “your name”, example: SBXC051112JohnDoe. After saving the file to your hard drive send me an e-mail with this file attached and let me know which category your flight applies to: Race to Goal, Lap Race or Duration.

That’s all you need to do, it’s fairly simple.


SBXC Challenge Overview


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