High Rollers Competition

Goodsprings, Las Vegas, Sept. 23-25, 2005

Kevin and Kristen Biernacki, Tony Lang and the Desert Skywalkers

Dean Stratton and I left Santa Clarita at 4:15 am for the 3-1/2 hour drive to Las Vegas for the High Roller Comp.

Hanza sets down at the table and buys some chips, Kevin Biernacki, the house dealer takes the dough.

Pilot registration. Tom Webster and Abe Laguna.

First pilot meeting. What's in the envelope?

Tony Lang gives out the mandatory drug test.

Can you identify this sample? We need a 70% or better to pass the test.

We drive up to launch and hang out, but it's looking a bit windy. John Hunt, Richard Eyre, Bill Belcourt.

Eric Reed and Eric Larsen.

By the time we get back down to the airport the valley is blowing.

The main chef of the Balagio sets us up with a great Bar-b-que.

Sadie plays catch as night falls.

Gavin Behr puts on a show.

Roger Marsh was getting cold as night fell in the desert. Nothing like a bit of warmth.

Quite the hangout - first class all the way.

The Venetian - nice.

Indoor canal at the Venetian.

Indoor plaza at the Venetian.

Dean Stratton out on the town. With $450 in winnings, his step is a little lighter. Look out ladies!

High Rollers

Whoopie had a bit too much to drink.

Everything is bigger in Vegas, even the stench.
We check out the Outlet Mall in Prim Valley on day two due to high winds.

Hey, I was rollin with Snoopy first. I don't care who you are, you have to wait your turn.

Mr. Badass, Dean Stratton takes a ride through the outlet mall.

Saturday night in Vegas means buffet at the Italian American club.

Devo and a local hottie sing happy birthday to Tony Lang, event contributor extraordinair.

Sorry Carla, it's Tony's birthday and he sees what he wants.


Dread Zepplin takes the stage.

Elvis sighting.

The King lives.

Kung fu is alive and doing well.

Bo and Evo and an open bar. Smiles around.

Damn good friend, Brad Gunnuscio

Alex takes it up a notch.

Kevin and Kristen catch the fever.

Richard Eyre self portrait.

Tina, Bo and Heather.

Goodsprings launch. Day 3 shows light winds and a chance at a comp.

Task meeting. Launch - Overlook - Basin. 39.2 km.

Off they go.

Cycles are strong on launch with a significant base wind.
The gaggle isn't getting high and Dean and I wait it out - mistake number 2.
Mistake number 1 - going to bed a 5:30 am the morning of a competition.

Didn't get any in-air photos as the air was a bit picante and was only high above the terrain once.
Landed in the valley of burned Joshua trees. Watched as 11 of the 50 pilots made it on course.

Hangin with Cherie waiting for retrieve.

The beautiful and desolate desert.

Local watering hole.

Back at the airport, the stories begin as we cool off in the shade.

Tony buys everyone a burger as we wait for the awards ceremony.

Beth gets a bit of work done after retrieving - thanks for everything Beth!

Dave Hanning and Lara.

Watched many sailplanes being towed up.

Two sets of gliders towed simultaneously.

Richard and Sadie play catch, aerobatics style.

Sadie gets some real air, up and over the tree.

1st Place trophe.

Brad Gunnuscio - 3rd overall.

Josh Cohn - winner!

In Serial Class: 3rd - Nicholas Greece, 2nd - Nate Scales, 1st - Tom Moock

In Open Class: 3rd - Brad Gunnuscio, 2nd - Marty Deviette, 1st - Josh Cohn

Winner 2005 - Josh Cohn

Winner 2004 - Eric Reed

Winner 2003 - Brad Gunnuscio

Winner 2002 - Bo Criss

King for a day.

Standing ovation to Tony Lang and Kevin Biernacki - what a great event, thanks!!!

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