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National Organization
USHPA - United States Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association

Local Clubs
Santa Barbara Soaring Association
South Coast Paragliding Association
SLOSA: San Luis Obispo Soaring Association
Crestline Soaring Society - Marshall Peak / Crestline Flying Club
The E Team
- Lake Elsinore Flying Club
San Diego Hang Glider & Paraglider Assoc.
Sylmar Hang Gliding Club - Kagel Mountain Flying Club

Utah Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club - Salt Lake City Flying Club

Gin Gliders - Paragliders, Hanesses, Reserves, Accessories
Super Fly - USA distributor of Gin Gliders
SupAir - Harnesses, Reserves, Flightsuits, Accessories
Peru Fly - The best flightsuits made
Wills Wing - Hang Gliders, Paragliders, Accessories
Ozone Gliders - Paragliders
Ozone Kites - Snow and power kites
Metamorfosi Parachutes - Considered the best by many aerobatic pilots.
Kortel Harnesses
Lazer Helmets
Skyline Harnesses
Woody Valley Harnesses
Ham Radio Outlet - Great source for 2m radios.
HamCity - Great source for 2m radios.
Hall Wind Meters

Flytec USA
- Varios
- Flying Gear
Critter Mountain Wear
- Clothing and paragliding accessories
Greatland Laser - Emergency Lasers

Leading Pilots
Chris Santacroce - The Best All-Around Pilot in the US
Tom Truax - California Cross Country State Record Holder
Will Gadd - World distance record holder and paramotored across America
Mad Mike Kung - Aerobatics Pilot who flew across the English Channel
Othar Lawrence - Red Bull Sponsored Aerobatics Pilot
SAT Team - Paragliding Aerobatics Gods, inventors of the SAT Maneuver
Red Bull Air Force - Athletes pushing the extremes
Kari Castle - Best female pilot in the US, both hang gliding and paragliding
Mitch McAleer - Incredible Hang Glider and Paraglider pilot who had the hang gliding looping world record.
Claire Bernier & Zeb Roche - French couple who has paraglided off the 7 highest summits of each continent including Everest
Angelo D' Arrigo - Flew over Everest in Hang Glider. Committed to saving birds. One of the most fascinating pilots ever!

Paragliding Projects
Paraglide America - Will Gadd's paramotor flight across America in May and June of 2001
Over Khumbu - Americans teach Nepalese how to fly.
ParaHawking - Pilots and Hawks work together to find thermals.
Papalotzin - An Ultralight follows the Journey of the Monarch Butterfly
Fly Everest - Angelo D' Arrigo - the most fascinating pilot ever.

South Coast Paragliding Association
Santa Barbara Paragliding Association
Big Air Paragliding
XC Action in the USA

Paragliding Forum
The Oz Report

Cross Country Magazine - The world's best magazine
Paraglider Magazine - The other world's best magazine
Parapente Magazine - Excellent French magazine

Bo Criss Design - Graphic Design, Photography & Web Design
US Paragliding Paragliding Comps - US Team page
O'Connor Flight School - Over the water maneuvers training
DHV - German organization that rates gliders
SAT Team Maneuvers Description
Paul Klemond's Site
- Current US Paraglider Rankings
World Rankings
- FAI Paraglide World Rankings
US Airnet - Web site providing resources for hang gliding and paragliding
FAA Phonetic Alphabet Chart
Jerome Daoust - Paragliding information
Para2000 - Paragliding database
Para2000 World Site Index
US Airnet - Paragliding database
A-Z of Paragliding
Ham Radio Test Online
Radio Modifications
Tree Rescue
US Free Flight Site Records by State
FAI Paragliding World Records
Ultra Flight Radio
Dynamic Soaring for RC gliders
FlightTrack - Free GPS Software for Macintosh
Google Earth 30 day trial for Macintosh
Acme Mapper - High resolution satelite imagery
Paragliding in South Africa - Flying sites, paraglider reviews, articles, books, cartoons and cross-country flying stories.


2 0 0 6 – S e a s o n

La Monarca – January 21-28, 2006, Valle de Bravo, Mexico Frank Brown - winner! Josh Cohn 1st US Pilot.

2006 Rat Race – May 30-June 3, Woodrat Mountain, Rush, Oregon. Bill Belcourt - winner!

Chelan XC Open – July 10-15, Chelan, Washington. David Prentice - winner!

Red Bull Vertigo – Aerobatics, August 18-27, Villeneuve, Switzerland. Raul and Felix Rodriguez - winners!

2006 US Nationals – August 27-September 2, Sun Valley, Idaho. Matt Dadam - winner!


2 0 0 5 – S e a s o n

2005 Rat Race – May 31-June 4, Woodrat Mountain, Rush, Oregon. Tom McCune - winner!
2005 Canadian Nationals – June 12-18, Lumby, BC. Tom McCune - winner!

Red Bull Divide & Conquer – June 18, Continental Divide, Silverton / Durango, Colorado, A four-part adventure relay through Colorado's toughest terrain. Winning Team! - Specialized/Riversports -Runner: Jesse Rickert, Paraglider: Dave Mellon, Kayaker: Andy Corra, Mountain Biker: Ned Overend
2005 US Nationals – July 10-16, Chelan Washington. Will Gadd - winner! Bill Belcourt US Champion!
Intermountain League Meet – Jackson Hole, WY Aug 5-7, Brad Gunnuscio - winner! Salt Lake City, UT Aug 12-14, Matt Beechinor - winner! King Mountain, ID Sept 16-18
Red Bull X-Alps – August 1-12 Cross country competition for international teams. The task is to cross the Alps as fast as possible by flying with a paraglider or by walking, starting in the East (Dachstein Mountain Range, Austria) and finishing in the West (Monaco). Alex Hofer - winner! in 12 days of racing 800K!
Red Bull Vertigo – Aerobatics, August 18-21, Villeneuve, Switzerland. Raul and Felix Rodriguez - winners!
PWCA – Paragliding World Cup Association, 5 competitions each year around the world. This is where the best pilots in the world compete. This year's events occur in Bulgeria Christian Maurer - winner!, France Patrick Berod - winner!,
Serbia Christian Maurer - winner!, Italy Christian Maurer - winner!, and Portugal, Torsten Siegel - winner! Christian Maurer is the 2005 PWCA Champion!
Coupe Icare – Costume contest, September 22-25, St. Hilaire, France
Las Vegas High Roller Competition – September 23-25, put on by Kevin Biernacki. Josh Cohn - winner!

Web Cams
Santa Barbara La Cumbre Peak
Torrey Pines
San Bernardino
Point of the Mountain
Governador Valadares - Ibituruna
Plaine-Joux - Mont Blanc

Acromania - Awesome videos of flying in India
Random Videos
Chris Muller - Unbelievable Videos
Marcos Luger - Cool Aerobatics Pilot Videos

The Hook Productions - Aerobatics Videos
Never Ending Thermal - Best Paragliding DVD EVER!
Go Further - Gin Gliders Flying in Mongolia DVD
MacPara - Paraglider Videos
Parateam - Really Fun French Friends Videos - Real Paragliding!
Zero-P - Paraglider Videos
Bird Man Suit BASE Jump - Ohhhh yeaaahhhh...

Dean Stratton - Awesome Paragliding Photography, CA
Josh Cohn - Awesome Paragliding Photography
Andy Stocker - Beautiful Photography
- Beautiful Photography
John Heiney Photography - Hang Glider Sicky Photos
Redbull Photos - Redbull Athlete Photos
Jerome Daoust's "Paraglidlider's Believe it or Not!"
Stolen Moments - Jerome Maupoint's magnificent coffee-table book

International Organizations
FAI - Federation Aeronautique Internationale
CIVL - Commission Internationale Vol Libre (FAI's hang gliding and paragliding commission)
ABVL – Associacio Brasileira de Voo Livre
National Aeronautical Association

Big Sky Paragliding
- Salt Lake City Paragliding Instruction
The Paragliding Academy
- Salt Lake City Paragliding Instruction
High Adventure - San Bernardino (Marshall Peak) Paragliding and Hang Gliding Instruction
Bozeman Paragliding - Bozeman, Montana Instruction
Max Roc Paragliding - Northwest Oregon Paragliding Instruction
Peak to Peak Paragliding - Boulder, Colorado Paragliding Instruction
Jackson Hole Paragliding - Fly near the Tetons of Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Two Can Fly Paragliding - Salt Lake City Paragliding Instruction
AirTime - San Francisco Paragliding Instruction

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Not related to flying at all
Panorama Photography
Rocky Training
Falling through Beach Balls
Curious Web Site
Flash Design
Interesting Graphic Design
History of Ultimate Frisbee
Pictures of Nepal
Photographers that use Leica Cameras

California Environment Images
Don't Hate The Player... Pimpify!


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