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Over the water safety clinics

Full StallI can remember my first maneuvers clinic like it was yesturday. What an awesome experience! Over-the-water clinics give us a great opportunity to learn a lot about our wings and how to handle them. We can learn how best to deal with collapses and practice methods of controlled descent in case we need to get down out of the sky. Attending a clinic can be one of the greatest learning experiences you will receive in all of your paragliding career. Generally pilots come away with renewed confidence, more safety knowledge, and a clear appreciation for the power and force our gliders can create.

If you are considering your first clinic, let me put you at ease. While it may be an intense experience trying new things in new environments, there is a method of instruction that builds a solid foundation. It is important that we proceed in a manner that extends our bounderies, but does not stress us beyond our learning capabilities. You want an empathetic instructor who will customize the program to meet your individual goals. Some pilots will progress at a faster rate, and some will greatly appreciate the slower process. All pilots need to have a solid foundation as we progress through the process.

Click Here to see a few pictures of our last maneuvers training course.

The progression may look like:
• Working in a simulator adjusting the harness and pilot posture
• Understanding all of the correct terminology and procedures
• Understanding towing including;
   - The bridal connection
   - Take-offs
   - Possible routes
   - Emergency procedures
   - Releasing the line
• Simple maintenance like:
   - Tweeking the A's
   - Pushing the speedbar
   - Pulling the Stabilo
   - Weight shift turns
• The maneuvers
   - Big Ears, with and without speedbar
   - Assymetrics - small, medium, large, with and without speedbar
   - Frontals - with and without speedbar
   - Circles - slow, medium and fast with clean exits
   - B-Line Stall
   - Wing Overs
   - Assymetric Spirals
   - Full Stalls – regular release or staged release
   - Spins - regular release or staged release
   - SATs

Maneuvers Course

Maneuvers courses are $600 and generally last 3 days with a prep day the week before. You will need:
• R
egular hand held HAMM radio with an earpiece
• Your radio manual telling you how to set and lock the frequency and volume
• Tow bridal (sometimes can be rented)
• Wing, harness and helmet in good flying condition
• Recent reserve repack
• Personal life jacket suggested

Circling Hawk Paragliding

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