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News and Updates
Week 1
Saturday Nov. 5 - Friday Nov. 11


11/11 - From my mom:

Hey, Bo--
I know you're having a lot of fun. All the flight pictures look great, but you've GOT to hand the camera to someone to get a shot of yourself. I never get to see you in the mix. Tell someone that Mom wants Bo in the pictures. You and Dean have worked very hard. Are you able to keep up with everything? The shirts look great on the guys, by the way.

I've decided to pledge $1.00 per mile for each mile you fly for the remaining weekends. (Don't fly too far now!)

I'll try to write a longer note soon, but must sign off now.

Love you! MOM

This is on top of the $250 she has thrown towards the event. That's right, my mom's very cool! Thanks Mom!


11/11 - We finally have an FTP site for file downloads. The site address is Unlike traditional websites, FTP sites are streamlined and are used primarily for file downloads. Upon entering the site you’ll be prompted for a “User Name” and “Password” to gain entrance. All files on the site can be downloaded to your computer.

Fill in the fields as you see here. It is case sensitive.
User Name: ftpuser
Password: sbxc

Once in the site, simply double click on the “Waypoint” folder and you’ll find all the waypoint files. I plan on building an Excel spreadsheet which should be up soon. I’ve also included a Google Earth folder where I’ll be posting the competitor track log files that I’ve converted to Google Earth format. Currently there’s only a few files from last weekend but there’ll be plenty more soon.

For those of you not familiar with Google Earth, it’s a 3 dimensional view of the earth that allows you to import and overlay your track log and view it from multiple angles. It’s the best program I’ve seen yet for this purpose and you can also use it to take virtual tours of the entire world. Need a vacation but don’t have the time or money…take a Google Earth tour. Be aware, there are minimum requirements to be able to run the program on your computer. Check these out before you download.

To get started with Google Earth, first you’ll need to download the software from here: Click on the “Downloads” link in the upper left corner of the page. Within this page you’ll need to click on “Google Earth” under “Latest releases for download”. Finally, download the file on the right “Download GoogleEarth.exe” and save it your hard drive. Once you’ve got the program installed, open it up, click “File” on the menu bar and open up any of the track log files on your computer that you’ve downloaded from the FTP site. It takes just a few minutes to get familiar with the controls on the screen and soon you’ll be addicted. We should have a lot more files on the site after the weekend, provided we have good weather. Once again, DON’T FORGET TO CLEAR YOUR TRACK LOGS BEFORE YOU FLY, FLY SAFE and give Bo a hug at launch!


Please Note the Following !!!

11/11 - The GPS Challenges #3 has been modified. Goal will now be Parma LZ instead of East Beach. Having East Beach be the goal conflicts with the SBSA club rules which state that you must be a P4 or H4 to land at the beach. This was an oversight of the SBXC Challenge volunteers (or staff) when we created the race course. Please update your GPS with the new Parma LZ (N34 26.848 W119 41.258) turnpoint. Thanks, and sorry for the late change.


11/11 - Sponsors are starting to send in some goodies for the event, participants and winners.


11/11 - Bobbie Bratz has come through with a brilliant idea. She has been wearing a sticker at work that reads "Ask me about the SBXC Challenge" to encourage pledges. That's a great idea to promote the challenge, people's awareness of our sport, and gather pledges. Nice work Bobbie and you may be in the lead for best SBXC Challenge "Participation Award."



The SBXC Challenge has begun!
We are 54 pilots strong and one weekend down.
While the weather in Santa Barbara wasn't epic for flying,
it still allowed us some nice flying and good stories.
Dean and I are very pleased with the level of participation
and the fun already enjoyed. Thanks everyone!

Check out last weekend's photos here!

Who did what? Check out the flight logs here!

Please send Bo your information about how many flights you had
& how far you went on your longest flight of the day by e-mail.

Please send Dean your tracklogs to verify racecourse,
tagging turnpoints, or the longest time aloft challenges by e-mail.

You can still enter the SBXC Challenge - entry fee is now $45, e-mail Bo.

You can send stories and pictures to post on the site.
Please send photos no larger than 250 pixels x 250 pixels to here.



11/9 - SCPA Meeting. Pizza, friends, flying stories and brownies - oh yeah!!! Thanks for your support SCPA.







11/9 - Tom Pipkin has come through with a large cash contribution for the SBXC Challenge. Tom is one of our greatest ambassadors to the mountain flying here in Santa Barbara and Ojai. He's a class act and a true leader in our community. Thank you Tom and Coastal Refrigeration for your support of the event.



Who is this kid? Alex Proksch - Medallian Model Persona.
Maybe you know his mom - Irene Revenko.


11/6 - Our current leader in Challenge #6 Raise the most money for the Red Cross and Hurricane Victims is Tom Hampton. Tom has given me a check and cash total of $220. Way to go Tom and nice first ever flights at Skyport this weekend to boot! In a strong second place is Bobbie Bratz who has given me a total of $170 in checks. Our third place pilot at this early stage is Joyce Huen who was sponsored by Michael Heard with a check of $75. Other pledges have been made, but this is what has been collected. To avoid long wait periods between when a check is written vs. deposited, please send all collected pledges to:

Bo Criss
5662 Calle Real #155
Goleta, CA

I will send all checks and cash on to Peter Wright at the Santa Barbara County Red Cross and keep a running total to know who will eventually win category #6.


11/6 - Another good crowd made their way up to Alternator, Skyport and the Eliminator. As we stood on the Skyport launch waiting for the high clouds to pass, Bob Hurlbett sneaked around the corner and hung out near the Saddle waiting for the sun to come back. I launched shortly after and had a nice climb over launch and an even better one over the R&R spine. I chased after Bob as we headed down range and the upper level clouds came back. I ended up landing in the same field as Bob Hurlbett with a flight from Skyport of 4.6 miles. Bob had launched from Alternator, so he is our unofficial leader of challenge #1 (Fly the farthest distance in your 3 best flights out of the possible 12 days of competition) with a flight of 7.4 miles today + 2.3 miles yesterday for a grand total of 9.7 miles.


11/5 - A handfull of pilots launched the Skyport and Eliminator. Unfortunately, a strong upper level north wind gave way to turbulence and the inability to go down range. Flying out over the neighborhood over Parma was exceptional. Our unofficial leader challenge #5 (stay up in the air for the longest time in a single flight) in the paraglider division is Doug with a 1:40 minute flight. Nice job Doug.




11/5 - Dean held a 2 part GPS clinic at Bobbie's house both in the morning and in the evening. 14 participants walked away with a greater appriciation for their GPS or a sore head. Thank you Bobbie for opening your home up. Hammer came by to check out the GPS clinic and ended up telling us tall tales of great flights over the years. It was really fun.


11/5 - 3 more pilots entered before noon, so we have 53 pilots in the Challenge.



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