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News and Updates
Week 2 - Saturday, Nov. 12 - Friday, Nov. 18th.



This Sunday (Nov. 20) around 5 p.m. at Bob and Sara Hurlbett's Home

For those interested, and you should be, we’re going to have a SBXC half time report at Bob and Sara’s house this Sunday around 5 p.m. We’ll announce the current leaders in all the categories and eat some chow (B.Y.O.Stuff). We’ll have a projector there and be showing pictures from the event and profiling some epic flights; Bo and I are calling this part of the program “Off The Map”.

I’ve spoken with Tom Truax, Tony Deleo and Robert Millington (Hammer) and I thought it would be a great idea if they could talk about some of their greatest flights. We’ll be talking about flying through the pass from Santa Barbara to Ojai, flying from Pine mountain East through the Mojave Desert and beyond, and flying in the Owens Valley. With the help of Google Earth, I’ll be able to follow along with the discussions and show the routes on-screen.

For those of you new to the XC scene you may want to drop by. It takes a long time to figure out the closely guarded secrets that allow you to fly big distances and it’s a rare occasion to have such experienced pilots show you the way. It’ll be very informative and it should be a lot of fun too.

So that’s the program; Fun, Food and Flying…what more could you ask for! The food part will be whatever you bring. I’m sure we’ll have a few pizzas there but it would be great if you could add to the party by bringing a bag of chips, a six pack, etc. Anything will help. We’ve set the time for around 5 p.m. but it may vary depending on whether or not we get some good flying in. If the weather finally cooperates the party may not get going until closer to 6 p.m. Whatever the case, just show up.

BTW – We’ll be hanging out on the back patio most of the time so bring some warm clothes just in case it gets chilly.


Bob & Sara Hurlbetts house
650 Juanita Avenue
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 570-8680


First, go to the store and pick something up. Then, after you’ve packed your car with goodies that both Bo and I like; Exit Carrillo West from Hwy 101. After cresting the Carrillo Hill in sight of the ocean turn left on Juanita. Continue one block to the SW corner of Juanita and Roberto and park your car anywhere that doesn’t piss off the neighbors.


11/18 - I swung by the Santa Barbara County Red Cross to drop off the current collected pledges of $895. I didn't get to meet with Peter Wright as he was tied up in meetings, but I did get pulled in to a CPR class! Our article was hung in their office. I noticed the Cabrillo High School Cheerleaders raised $6,000 for Katrina relief. Some of the volunteers were headed out the door to help with the Ventura County fire that has blackened the skies out over the Pacific.


11/18 - We made the Santa Barbara Newspress local paper! "Gliding to Help" Tony De Groot gets a 7 x 15 inch photo in the sports section, taken by event organizer extraordinair - Dean Stratton. Tom Hampton gets a photo as well as he flies from the Skyport. Download the .pdf here. Thanks to Bobbie Bratz for helping create the press release!



Doug earns the first 10% Bonus.
Doug Gave Blood Today!

Doug is our current leader in time aloft in a single flight - Challenge #5.
This is a GPS Certified Challenge with verified tracklog by Dean Stratton.
Doug's time aloft is 1 hour 39 minutes. With a 10% bonus that puts Doug
further in the lead with time aloft of 1 hour 49 minutes. Way to go Doug!

From Doug:

11/17 -

Hey guys,

This afternoon I made a stop by the tri-counties blood bank (they handle donations for the SB red cross) mobile blood donation bus. Upon leaving I was a pint or two lighter. About half way through I was thinking it would be sooo much easier to just fly for an extra 30 minutes on the next flight (or a few more miles), but it’s for a good cause so it’s all good.

Anyway, Bonus me up!

See you guys this weekend.



11/15 - New photos are up in the photogallery. Click here for the fun.


11/13 - Kind of a stable weekend, but I saw a number of pilots driving up the hill looking to post a flight or two and hang out with friends.

Bob Hurlbett remains king of the sky at this point. Saturday he posted 7.5 miles from Alternator to the Montecito area and Sunday he flew from Alternator to the Training Hill for the first time. I think he has flown the farthest every day so far. He also threw a nice party on the Mesa last night for the SBXC Challenge. So thank you Bob and Sara for your abundant participation.



We also have a new leader in the fundraising. Bobbie Bratz has given me a total of $310 in cash and checks for the Red Cross. Way to go Bobbie! To date we have collected $895 for the Santa Barbara County Red Cross and Katrina victims.




It looks like Andy Palmer has the most flights so far with 7 flights over 4 days. Nice work! Please continue to e-mail me with your number of flights and how many miles you flew.

Check out the current flightlog stats here. Send me any revisions here.

Check out Dean's pictures here. I'll try to post mine tomorrow night.

Send Dean your track logs here for categories #3, 4 and 5. Remember to label them properly and indicate which challenge you think your flight best applies. (Use the filename “SBXC” followed by “YRMODAY” and “your name”, example: SBXC051112JohnDoe)

Thanks for everyone's participation and I hope you're all having fun with it.



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