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Pilots Entered

Bo Criss, Brian Plummer, Joyce Huen, Irene Revenko, Dean Stratton
Bobbie Bratz, Bob Anderson, Hansford Cutlip, Earl, Ron Meyer
Bob Stratton, Ron Faoro, John Scott, Ben Haug, Aaron LaPlante*
Greg Brown, Tom Hampton, Chris Paul, Jeff Parker, Tony DeGroot
BK Hall, Andy Palmer, Anne-Odile "Skippy" Thomas
Gavin Behr, Jerome Daoust, Ed Skow, Robb Milley, Scott Angel,
Allison LaPlante, Bob Peloquin, Bob Hurlbett, Jim Maddox,
Karl Cameron, Aaron Luckett, Chris Grantham
John Greynald, Kevin Dumain, Kipp Harmer, Larry Severson
Jeff Ross, Hammer, Rolan Angel, Terry Taggart, John de Bruin
John Kloer, Tony Deleo, Sharon Sweeney, Mike Preston
Double D, Ryan Patronyk, Tom Truax
Greg Knudson, Benson Lamb

Pilot Profiles

Paraglider Pilot Bo Criss
Born Kansas City, MO
First Flight November, 1995 in Salt Lake City on the South Side of the Point of the Mountain
Longest Flight 118 miles from Pine Mountain, near Ojai, CA out into the Mojave Desert past Edwards Airforce Base, August 7, 2005
Favorite Place to Fly Governador Valadares and Pancas, Brazil and Lake Annecy, France
Number of Flights 3000+
Number of Hours 2500+
Favorite Food Chocolate Fudge Brownies with walnuts
Have you given blood before? No, but I'm looking forward to the experience.
Why Fly? Flying propels me into a life of adventure where I get to experience people and places I wouldn't have encountered otherwise. I love the sites I see from the air and it's just cool to catch a thermal with a Red Tailed Hawk and climb high into the sky and soar near the clouds. When you land the adventure is only half over. What will I see and who will I meet on the way back home?

Paraglider Pilot Brian Plummer
Born Myrtle Beach, SC.
First Flight October 16, 2004 at Marshall Peak.
Favorite Place to Fly Marshall/Crestline. They are the sites where I learned to fly.
Number of Flights 91
Number of Hours 40
Favorite Childhood Memory Landing my fathers Cessna 206 for the first time at the age of 9, all while sitting atop "Ma Bell" to be able to see over the dash of the aircraft.
Have you given blood before? Yes, of course being a big tough guy I did the manly thing and passed out.
Why Fly? I have been flying in aircrafts with my father since I was 3, it doesn't feel right to not be in the air.

Paraglider Pilot Joyce Huen
Born San Francisco, CA
First Mountain Flight I'll let you know after October 22. My first flight was 3 years ago in the fall of 2002 at the Training Hill in Santa Barbara.
Favorite Place to Fly So far, I've only flown at the training hill in SB, but I remember it's not where you fly, it's how big your smile is when you do fly.
Number of Flights 65
Favorite Food Sushi
Have you given blood before? No - never given blood before.
Why Fly? I love the sensation of floating and the feeling of escape - being fortunate enough to experience something that not many people have the opportunity to. And when it's with the right group, you can't beat the camaraderie!

Paraglider Pilot Irene Revenko
Born France
First Flight Summer of 1993 in the French Alps
Longest Flight 47 miles in the Owens Valley in 4:49
Favorite Place to Fly The Alps
Number of Flights no idea
Number of Hours About 300
Favorite Food Chocolate
Have you given blood before? Yes, many times, it's no big deal
Why Fly? I fly because I can. I need it. I am addicted.

Paraglider Pilot Dean Stratton
Born be wild in Berkeley, CA
First Mountain Flight January 19th, 2003 at the Alternator in Santa Barbara.
Longest Flight 108 miles from Pine Mountain, near Ojai, CA out into the Mojave Desert past Edwards Airforce Base, August 7, 2005.
Favorite Place to Fly It's a toss up between Santa Barbara and the Owens Valley.
Number of Flights 440
Number of Hours 410
Favorite Childhood Memory Wandering into the girls locker room in junior high school and standing there with my jaw open. I've tried it a couple times since but it hasn't gone over very well.
Have you given blood before? I'm a building contractor, I give blood every day!
Why Fly? After your first flight the choice to fly is taken away from you, it's just an addiction...

Paraglider Pilot Bobbie Bratz
Born California
First Flight Elings Park Training Hill, June 28, 1998
Favorite Place to Fly Big Sur - it's so beautiful; Plaine Joux, France - you've got Mt. Blanc, an amazing waterfall, and a bar at the LZ.
Number of Flights 250+
Number of Hours 100+
Besides flying, what are you passionate about? Clean air, traveling, and raising my dog, Stella.
Have you given blood before? Yes, I've given gallons.
Why Fly? I like the view.

Hang Glider Pilot Bob Anderson
Born I was born in Phoenix, Arizona. But, it was too hot for me so I moved to California a year later.
Favorite Place to Fly Santa Barbara is my favorite place to fly as it provides good camaraderie, and fun if not challenging cross country flying.
Number of Flights Not counting, while I haven't had enough flights, and I haven't had enough airtime.
Most Memorable Flight Over the Sierras to Mammoth Mountain, 92 miles.
Favorite Food Red wine and dark chocolate.
Have you given blood before? I have given blood many times before and even learned what "promiscuous" means doing it for the first time, informed I missed the sexual revolution...
Why Fly? In the words of EJ Steele, "Cause there's no time like air time, and no place like cloudbase!"

Paraglider Pilot Hansford Cutlip
Born Michigan
First Mountain Flight My first mountain flight was during the Spring of 2002 SBSA Big Sur trip. Greg Brown and I were both looking for our first flights and we'd been disappointed by poor conditions Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning. Around noon, just as we were starting to pack up for the drive home we heard a promising report from a hangie on launch. We raced up to launch and had beautiful flights that I'm sure we'll never forget.
Number of Flights I'll have to look this one up.
Number of Hours About 120 hours.
Favorite Place to Fly My favorite place to *fly* is Pine Mountain, north of Ojai, California. Pine is a great place to fly but can be tricky when you consider the strong and variable conditions. Flying Pine makes for a really long day for me so If I'm not conviced that Pine is a good call, a flight from Alternator to East Beach in Santa Barbara is pretty hard to beat.
What's the best "dam" documentary you've ever seen? Beavers.
Have you given blood before? Yes, the Tri-Counties Bloodmobile comes to my place of employment so I give blood on a regular basis. From personal experience I will make the following recommendations: don't try to give blood if you're even the least bit hungover and drink plenty of fluids the day and morning before you give blood.
Why Fly? I fly because it gives me a great perspective, both literal and figurative, that non-flyers don't have. I love seeing the world from above while still feeling a connectedness that you don't get in an airplane. I also like being responsible for making important decisions and knowing that I have to live with the results of those decisions. Free-flying is a sport that is both highly individual and highly social. When you're flying you can focus solely on your own situation and then land and share your experiences with your flying buddies who are the only people in the world that can really appreciate what you're sharing.

Paraglider Pilot & Dog Earl & "Dawg"
Born be wild in the Ozarks sometime in 1946 or 48. Momma was workin' the still and popped me out while brewing the best shine in 10 counties.
First Flight Bot me a moter and wing on e-bay. it’s a safe wing – firebird cult. i bought er to be able to find more coons while huntin’. had some trouble first couple times out. dawg was scaring up plenty of coons on the ground and i got so excited i shot the prop off while re-lodin’. second time, same thing - dawg scaring up plenty of coons but this time I shot two big holes in the wing…this was my first manuvers clinic.
Favorite Place to Fly real low over the trees at 6:00 a.m., pisses off the neighbors though.
Number of Flights 149
Number of Hours 59
Favorite Food i like taters and corn beef hash. if ya’ put a pinch of skoal in with the taters it saves you the time of putting it in yer lip later.
Have you given blood before? Dawg got hurt real bad last year. took him to the vet and the nurse drew blood from me. can ya believe it, dawg and i have the same blood type. the cookie thay gave me afterward tasted like crap. chocolate chip my ass, tasted like sawdust.
Why Fly? best dern way yet to bag more coons


Paraglider Pilot Ron Meyer
Born 40 years ago in California
First Mountain Flight The Alternator March 22, 2003.
Favorite Place to Fly Can I have 3? Santa Barbara would top the list, simply for the views and challenge. Ojai would be a close second because of it’s community and huge XC potential. The Owens Valley would round out the three for it’s rugged beauty, fun, buoyant air, and legendary status.
Longest Flight 44 miles from Skyport to Fillmore 10/29/04.
Number of Flights 260
Number of Hours 306
Most Memorable Flight 20 miles from Kagel to Simi Valley 4/26/04 Climbed a convergence seam up to 14K and landed in the field behind the house I grew up in, which had always been a dream flight of mine. Called the parents on my cell while at 9K over Simi and they asked me to drop in and say hi, so I did. I’m a good son. :o)
Why Fly? Flying is an incredible and amazing recreation. Those that don’t fly can’t understand why we are so entranced. Those that fly are hopelessly addicted. Flying is very dreamlike for me because it intertwines the dream world with the real world. It’s beautiful…it’s magical …and if you’re like me, you can’t get enough. Whether it’s a sled ride or you’re on course to some far away destination, flying is always an adventure and I feel honored to share it with all of you.


Paraglider Pilot Bob Stratton
Born California
First Mountain Flight May 25th, 2003 at Tehachapi, CA
Best Flight Marshall on 9/18/05. It was the first time that I really felt good thermalling.
Number of Flights 195 (I count every launch)
Number of Hours 19 Hours and 43 min and I'm proud of every minute.
Favorite Childhood Memory: Wandering into the girls locker room... Oh, that's Dean's favorite memory and it sounded good to me.
Why Fly? To be with my son and to enjoy some darn nice people. It still
scares the poop out of me!

Paraglider Pilot Ron Faoro
Born Oregon
First Mountain Flight High flight from West La Cumbre seven years ago.
Favorite Place to Fly Pine Mountain - Always different, always exciting, always a different challenging direction to try.
Number of Flights 650
Number of Hours 575
Why do you love animals? They teach you how to live.
Have you ever given blood before? Only after paragliding.
Why Fly? Endorphins


Hang Glider Pilot John Scott
Born Pennsylvania
First Flight Santa Barbara 1984
Favorite Place to Fly They are all great when the conditions are right so I'll change the question to my favorite route: Eliminator - Summerland - Bates - Taylor Ranch - The Avenue - Oxnard Plain. It is at most 40 miles, but you end up experiencing every type of flying that there is. The last time I made that flight I of course had thermal flying in the mountains, a West/SW convergence in Summerland, ridge lift down the coast, and then a nice cloud street from The Avenue to Saticoy.
Number of Flights Lost count. From 1984-1996 I flew almost every weekend. Since 1996 after our first child was born I have been getting out about once a month. So far this year I've only had 6 flights, the last being that epic day at Pine.
Number of Hours See above
Why do you continue to fly even though you always get air sick? Beats me.
Have you ever given blood before? Yes, including platelets.
Why Fly? The challenge of getting from here to ............................ here.


Paraglider Pilot Ben Haug
Born Oregon.
First Mountain Flight Alternator, in Santa Barbara. It was an awesome flight and I even called my girlfriend during the flight.
Longest Flight 10 miles in Valadares, Brazil.  But I’m going to try and break Bo’s 118 miles next year. HAHA, J/K Bo.
Favorite Place to Fly Santa Barbara on a clear day of course.
Different Locations Flown Santa Barbara, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Valadares in Brazil.
Number of Flights
Number of Hours 25 hours of airtime.
Favorite Childhood Memory Was the day I soloed my first gas powered remote control airplane. I started building it when I was 12 and it took me almost 2 years and all the money I could save up.
Have you ever given blood before? Yes, but I’m currently ineligible because I have to wait a year since I just returned from a military deployment. In the last two years I have deployed to Iraq twice for 6 months each.
Why Fly? Because you can’t beat the View, and it is one of the purest forms of human flight. It also takes you on exciting adventures to new places.

OH HELL YES CRACKA! 30 one dollar bills in my pocket with Bo's name on it.
Hang Glider Pilot
Aaron LaPlante
Born California
First Flight 1994 at Sylmar, CA
Longest Flight 105 miles in the Owens, landed (pounded in) at a whorehouse in nevada, janie's chicken ranch, where the customer always comes first,,,git er dun!
Favorite Place to Fly Santa Barbara with all the peeps!
Number of Flights
never kept track
Number of Hours a couple a flight
Favorite Food my wife
Have you ever given blood before? Once at Eliminator, a couple times at Parma and once to the tree at Robins
Why Fly? because it feels soooooooooooo good!

Paraglider / Hang Glider Pilot Greg Brown
Born 1967
First Mountain Flight May 1992, Merida, Venezuela
Favorite Flight One of my favorites recently was from central Austria to the Italian / Slovenian border
Favorite Place to Fly Santa Barbara and the Alps
Number of Flights
Number of Hours 245
Favorite Childhood Memory Being picked up and hugged by my friend's older sister
Have you ever given blood before? Not yet. I barely weigh enough even now.
Why Fly? It's my religion.

Paraglider Pilot Tom Hampton
Born I WAS BORN ONE BEAUTIFUL DAY In California AT Downey Community Hospital.
First Flight My first flight was when I was 15 years old in 1970 on a motorcycle. I unintentionally went off a 20 foot cliff at 30mph……But first paraglider flight, July 1, 2001.
Favorite Place to Fly Hard to pick a favorite place to fly when flying anywhere brings a smile to my chops
Number of Flights
500+ excellent flights
Number of Hours 300 hrs airtime
What gets my pump primed....? Large waves, Deep Pow, and 3G’s under nylon !
Have you ever given blood before? I have given blood many times, both intentional and unintentional….
Why Fly? I fly cuz endorphins ROCK !!

Paraglider Pilot Chris Paul
Born Illinois
First Mountain Flight Alternator, 2001
Favorite Place to Fly Santa Barbara
Number of Flight Hours 350
Favorite Food Mexican
Have you ever given blood before? No, but looking forward to it.
Why Fly? The mental and physical challenge

Paraglider Pilot Jeff Parker
Born California. I now live in Shell Beach and I miss Santa Barbara greatly.
First Flight My first flight was at the training hill in Santa Barbara in the summer of 2000. (Thanks to Glenny!)
Favorite Place to Fly Any one of the ridge sites in SB. There is nothing like flyn’ up and down the coast watching the whales, dolphins and the hotties on the beach. It is also very nice to land where you parked your car.
Number of Flight Too many to count (a ship load)
Does your life make a difference? I’d like to hope so. I was a photojournalist for the Santa Maria Timesan SB News Press. I put my camera down in the middle of the Painted caves Fire. Drove my car five miles up wind and helped families pack every thing that that they owned into there cars. The next day I had the choice to quit or get fired. (I Quit!) And went to work for Devereux as a teachers assistant in a class room of autistic kids. Then I went to work for Glenny Chantler @ the Braeburn house and at SBCC with Santa Barbara special education. I donate a lot of my time to many different causes and I did just get back from 26 days in Texas helping out with the American Red Cross for the Katrina/Rita relief. Click here to see photos of my trip. and it looks like I will be leaving for Florida soon to help out with the Wilma Relief. I also work at Atascardeo State Hospital. Which holds the worst of the worst of the Sexual violent predators in California. Click here for more info.
Have you ever given blood before? Yes I have given blood. I landed in a manzanita tree on the top of west bowl. I caught the edge of a thermal, my wing horse shoed when I was scratching 15 feet off the top of the bowl. I didn’t draw blood landing. I drew blood on my five hour crawl/hike out. I looked like I had been in a fight with a racoon. I was scratched every where. Even up under my helmet which I wore for the first three hours of my crawl/hike.
Why Fly? I have been flyin’ in my dreams since I was a kid. It is just second nature for me to fly. For me to not fly, would be for me to not live.
Favorite Quote "The only Zen you find on the top of the mountain is the Zen you bring up there."

Hang Glider Pilot Tony DeGroot
Born California
First Mountain Flight Alternator, Oct. 8, 1998
Favorite Place to Fly Santa Barbara and Plowshare, SB for friends and the view, Plowshare because there's always some point in the flight I find the sweetest lift.
Most Memorable Flight Eliminator to the beach in Ventura. It was INSANE!!!
Number of Flight Lost count.
Favorite Childhood Memory Surfing on a beautiful, four foot day in Summerland when I was 10. I was singing "Those were the days my friend, I thought they'd never end." It was glassy, perfect, and I was getting tube after tube and I knew even then that I would always remember that day.
Have you ever given blood before? I tried but fainted.
Why Fly? Because it is such an amazing experience.

Paraglider Pilot BK Hall
Born Yes
First Flight Elings Park, March 2001
Favorite Place to Fly Marshall because it has a big LZ, big launch, EZ retrieve and thermals.
Number of Flight 400+
Number of Hours 60+
Have you ever impersonated a super hero? Yes... Zorro... in public for charity and fundraisers.
Have you ever given blood before? No.
Why Fly? For the feeling to be above where I am.

Paraglider Pilot Andy Palmer
Born Idaho
First Flight Elings Park, 10/1/04
Favorite Place to Fly I don't like to fly into the ground, air works better, at the moment Eastern Sierra is my favorite, because it is the site of my highest, longest, and most spectacular flight.
Number of Flight Over 200 counting training hill
Number of Hours About 140 counting powered paragliding
How many days does it take to return to flying after breaking your back? 58.5
Have you ever given blood before? Yes, many times.
Why Fly? I fly because it provides me with as many questions as it does answers!

Hang Glider Pilot Anne-Odile "Skippy" Thomas
Born 1.10am on a cold winter night in Brittany, France.
First Flight South West Wales (GB), when I was in college.
Favorite Place to Fly Big Sur for the view, Plowshare for the elusive convergence, and Santa Barbara for the challenging conditions and the friends.
Number of Flight dunno
Number of Hours +/- 200
What's your favorite flying dream? I once dreamt of flying my hang-glider
over the city lights, and heading out to the beach. As I landed over water,
my hang-glider turned into a surfboard, and I continued surfing...! That was
pretty unreal.
Have you ever given blood before? I did it a few times until the US Red Cross got scared of Mad Cow disease, as I lived in the UK for a few years... Last time I checked, they still won't accept my blood. Moo Moo.
Why Fly? I don't do drugs, and it sounded like a good way to get "high"...

Paraglider Pilot Gavin Behr aka Fire Flyer
Born Cape Town, South Africa
First Flight May 2003 at Torrey Pines Glider Port (don't persecute me for that please)

Favorite Place to Fly Horse Cny, San Diego, The Owens Valley, Telluride, CO & Da Lat, Viet Nam. Because you can get HIGH !!!!! Altitude is better than Distance for me !!!
Number of Flight Don't count.... so absolutely NO CLUE !
Number of Hours Don't count.... so absolutely NO CLUE !
What is your favorite Para Waiting Hobbys? FIRE POI & Catching Rattle Snakes.
Have you ever given blood before? YES, 0+ ...but Nurses always had a hard time getting the blood out of my veins.
Why Fly? Can never be HIGH (altitude wise) enough.... Always had dreams of flying when I was younger.... FLAPPING MY ARMS kind of flying ...not in an airplane. But always had a hard time getting off the ground or making it over the trees. Now I don't need to flap my arms ...and hopefully will keep making it over the trees.

Paraglider Pilot Jerome Daoust
Born Montreal, Canada.
First Flight 1989, Sutton, Quebec, Canada
Favorite Place to Fly Marshall. Because it has a large launch, consistant thermals and allows some XC.
Number of Flight 1350
Number of Hours 1080
What is your favorite food? Pepperoni Pizza
Have you ever given blood before? Yes.
Why Fly? For evolving in 3D, the daily stress relief and visual memories.

Hang Glider / Paraglider Pilot Ed Skow aka "Fast Eddie"
Born Jan 29th 68
First Flight 1979 Ventura AVENUE Tandem at 11yrs old Got to 2000 ft and cold!~! landed on the beach
Favorite Place to Fly Pine is GREAT for the constant challenge. The desert for X C potential and long sheer lines.
Number of Flight I don't have a Clue. Stopped counting many years ago...
Number of Hours 5K Plus logged (Hang) 80ish in a (Para).. 30hr or so in a (sail plane)... 400 in a single engine plane. and others
Why do you continue to be around the sport when you can't fly much???
Simple answer is, it is my passion to help other succeed in doing what I have done since I was 12 and certified to fly on my own at 13 in 1981. I have the knowledge and the ability to see things on the ground that most people do not.

Have you ever given blood before? Yep. It is not that difficult. Plus I have given my fair share rescuing these boys out of the BUSH (LOL)
Why Fly? I fly for it is my escape from it all. When I am stepping up to launch nothing else matters. I love the freedom of being one with my own mind and doings. Nothing else in this world can give me the satisfaction I get when I step off launch to the moment I land somewhere down range.

Paraglider Pilot Robb Milley
Born Boston, MA, in the middle of the night
First Mountain Flight Alternator, in the middle of the day. Before that I'd never wondered whether the lines were strong enough to hold my weight...
Favorite Place to Fly Ojai, CA. The community there is great, and retrieve will always find you. Plus, I've named all the lemon trees between Chiefs and NHS.
Number of Flight 148
Number of Hours 140
What makes you want to fly the most? Stepping out of work at lunchtime I can see the Topatopa's; if it looks like the conditions are good, I
get on the radio and some SOB at 6200 feet will tell me that yes, the
conditions are great!

Have you ever given blood before? I got my first gallon pin in college and was working on the second when I moved to the mid-west where they still use leaches and don't need blood.
Why Fly? Somewhere between the sheer terror of "how did I get into this mess?" the excitement of flying between the clouds, and the bliss of a thirteen-mile glide to land next to the car, all the other stresses of life fade away. That's why I fly. Oh, and because the clouds really are made of cotton balls and it's fun to bounce on top of them.

Hang Glider Pilot Scott Angel
Born SB Cottage Hospital.
First Flight Was off Figueroa Aug. 1990.
Favorite Place to Fly My favorite place to fly is at cloud base “‘cause there’s no time like air time”.
Number of Flight I have a lot of flights, maybe 1500 flights.
Number of Hours I have flown many hours not exactly sure how many.
Have you ever launched Eliminator and top landed Mega Mans house pounded a beer then launch again just to fly a few more miles past Fillmore? Yes, EJ made me do it.
Have you ever given blood before? I’ve gave blood before but it wasn’t on purpose.
Why Fly? I fly to keep Hammer and Little John in check.

Paraglider Pilot Allison LaPlante
Born Virginia
First Flight March 2001 Santa Barbara
Favorite Place to Fly Santa Barbara for the great air, great views and clean air.
Number of Flight Don't know
Number of Hours Don't know
What is your favorite food? Thai Food
Have you ever given blood before? Yes.
Why Fly? I fly for the soul and it is a great way to spend a day in nature.

Paraglider Pilot Bob Peloquin
Born California
First Flight Elings Park in May of 2002.  It may have only been a few feet off the ground for several moments, but it is still one of my most memorable flights.
Favorite Place to Fly I don’t know, because I haven’t been there yet.
Number of Flight About 500.
Number of Hours Around 200.
What do you want to do when you grow up? Go paragliding everyday!
Have you ever given blood before? Numerous times. 
Why Fly? It’s an amazing sensation that I have yet to find the words for, probably never will.  A feeling that can’t be adequately expressed to those who don’t fly.  There are times when climbing in a fat booming thermal, soaring in super smooth lift, a dynamic launch and a smooth landing, these are a few of my favorite things! 

Paraglider Pilot Bob Hurlbett
Born Collbran, Colorado
First Flight On my 50th birthday, November 1996.
Favorite Place to Fly Pine Mountain, CA. Its a challenging, big air site that offers many xc options. And, besides, every now and then we are joined by a group of curious condors who join us in the air until they become bored with our inefficent flying machines and wander off in search of more challenging playmates or less sentient vertebrates (or invertibrates, I don't think they're choosy).
Number of Flight 800+
Number of Hours 575+
Do/did you have flying dreams? Yes, frequently until I started paragliding, then they abruptly stopped.
Have you ever given blood before? Yes, but my wife Sara is the blood donor king in our family. She gives regularly. I think she's hooked on the juice and cookies.
Why Fly? Because I get testy and hard to live with when I don't. Also, because there is almost nothing else that I'd rather do.

Paraglider Pilot Jim Maddox
Born Hammond, Indiana. I don't know when because calendars weren't invented yet.
First Flight 1991 Hang Glider Tandem at the Alternator
Favorite Flight My next one.
2nd Favorite Flight My last one.

Have you ever given blood before? Yes, all over West Bowl.
Why Fly? What else is there?

Paraglider Pilot Karl Cameron
Born Nashua, NH
First Flight Morningside, NH
Favorite Place to Fly Telluride
Number of Flight A lot 1500?
Number of Hours 1500
Favorite Food Pasta

Have you ever given blood before? Yes - for blood drives in college.
Why Fly? To Have Fun.

Paraglider Pilot Aaron Luckett
Born Detroit
First Flight Gudalupe 1999
Favorite Place to Fly Fort Funston and Brazil
Number of Flight 75-100
Number of Hours 24-40
Are you a meat eater? Yes, mainly big rodents, large fish and bumbble bee asses.

Have you ever given blood before? Yes.
Why Fly? Because I'm insane in the best way. Life is short, live hard.

Paraglider Pilot Chris Grantham
Born Brynmawr, PA 1978
First Flight Chief Peak in Ojai
Favorite Place to Fly Chief Peak because it's fun for the whole family!
Number of Flight 550
Number of Hours 400
What is your favorite color? Blue! ... No Wait! Green! .

Have you ever given blood before? Nope. 'Fraid of needles.
Why Fly? Because the "fix" you get you can't get anywhere else.

Paraglider Pilot John Greynald
Born CA CA
First Flight SB Mesa Hill 2/81
Favorite Place to Fly SB - Close to home.
Number of Flight 2500
Number of Hours 3800
How many 100+ mile flights do you have? 25+

How many 150+ mile flights do you have? 5
Have you ever given blood before? No - too toxic.
Why Fly? Small (short) person complex - feel need to gain altitude above others. I like to motox, do gymnastics and like being in the mountains, so hang gliding is great as it has similar aspects.

Paraglider Pilot Kevin Dumain
Born Glendale, CA
First Flight Santa Barbara Training Hill '98.
Favorite Place to Fly The last place I flew.
Number of Flight hundreds
Number of Hours 200

Have you ever given blood before? No.
Why Fly? Because I can.

Paraglider Pilot Kipp Harmer
Born Santa Barbara, CA
First Flight Little Black Mountain in San Diego
Favorite Place to Fly Santa Barbara, don't have to drive very far.
Number of Flight hundreds
Number of Hours hundreds

What other sports are you involved in? Surfing and windsurfing. They complement flying very well.
Have you ever given blood before? Yes, my father had surgery.
Why Fly? Because it's a great sport which can be done qute a bit in Santa Barbara. The people who fly are funny also.

Paraglider Pilot Larry Severson
Born Ames, Iowa
First Flight 1956 in Phoenix Arizona
Favorite Place to Fly Alternator, Elsinore, Horse Canyon, Owen’s Valley, Blossom Valley – Why? Because I’ve had my most
satisfying flights there.

Number of Flight 625
Number of Hours 550

What is the meaning of life? Mr. Natural says it don’t mean shit.
Have you ever given blood before? Yes.
Why Fly? It has been my passion and obsession for about 2-1/2 years. Anyone who knows me at all knows
that I do love my obsessions and see little reason to
stop them before I’ve had enough.

Paraglider Pilot Jeff Ross "JR"
First Flight Santa Barbara 1984
Favorite Place to Fly Santa Barbara.
Number of Flight ?
Number of Hours ?

Have you ever given blood before? No.
Why Fly? Fun.

Paraglider Pilot Hammer
Born A long time ago
First Flight
1974 at the "Training Hill"
Favorite Place to Fly The "Owens" because it's "Big".
Number of Flight a lot
Number of Hours too many to count

What is your favorite childhood memory? Climbing San Jacento Peak with my dad.
Have you ever given blood before?

Why Fly? Freedom, challenge, comraderie, spirituallity.

Paraglider Pilot Rolan Angel
Born San Jose, Costa Rica
First Flight
Guadalupe Dunes with Scott on Father's Day 1990
Favorite Place to Fly Santa Barbara and Pine Mountain.
Number of Flight Don't know.
Number of Hours Don't know

Favorite Memory My flying dreams
Have you ever given blood before? Broken neck, bad choices in landing.

Why Fly? It's in my blood.

Paraglider Pilot Terry Taggart
Born San Francisco
First Flight
1983 Trained at Cape Kiwanda Oregon, 1st Altitude at Dog Mt Washington with a bent leading edge and a nasty turn.
Favorite Place to Fly Golden BC Its the Owens valley of Canada 10,000 ft Rocky Mountains, alpine lakes, mountain sheep, 14,000 ft cloud base 1500 fpm. thermals, 65mph glides, you dont have to get up early, you can launch at 5:30 and still do an easy 50 miles and land at 9:30.
Number of Flight More than I can remember.
Number of Hours See above.

Favorite Childhood Memory The first time I got chowder on my chicken.
Have you ever given blood before? Last time I had a blood test they missed the vein in the left arm by the time they stuck me in the right arm I passed out when I came to both arms were numb for 10 min.

Why Fly? My instructor told me that there would be lots of groupie chicks.
Most memorable flight? Taking 2nd place on a difficult day at the Canadian world cup 98

Paraglider Pilot John de Bruin "Bald Eagle"
Born Caracas, Venezuela
First Flight
Paragliding – training hill and then Point Sal….Hang Gliding – Training Hill, Alternator
Favorite Place to Fly Chelan Washington for the endless LZs
Number of Flight Have lost count - 100’s
Number of Hours Don't know

Favorite Hobby Hang Gliding
Have you ever given blood before? Yes, at the Red Cross while working for Hughes Aircraft Company

Why Fly? I fly to experience the adrenalin rush of flying and to feel free.

Paraglider Pilot John Kloer
Born In a barn. Sacramento 1958
First Flight
Alternator. September 2000. Scared me silly.
Favorite Place to Fly Skyport. Can't beat the view and the glide to East Beach is so relaxing.
Least Favorite Site Walt's. Too much pucker factor.
Number of Flight Not a clue.
Number of Hours 400 more or less.

Make Up A Question and Answer It Eleven.
Have you ever given blood before? Not voluntarily.

Why Fly? Because golf scares me.

Rigid Wing Pilot Tony Deleo – Diablo
Born Upland, CA.
First Flight
Sorrento Valley/San Diego March 1974
Favorite Place to Fly Pine Mountain Ventura County. It is closed and a good jumping off point for the southern California deserts/Owens Valley
Number of Flight Not a clue.
Number of Hours 400 more or less.

What color is an orange?
Have you ever given blood before? Yes. And no I won’t again too many derelicts at donation center and adversion to needles.

Why Fly? The constant and ever changing challenge. I liken it to be an explorer from the air. Soaring takes you to areas that you probably would not see otherwise. I enjoy taking off, flying as far as possible and landing at an area that has not been predetermined. In Southern California flying from one flying site to another and connecting the various “course” lines ie. “connecting the dots” Soaring is a an ever changing sport with few boundaries and/or limitations.


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