Regulations for Paragliding

The FAA considers us ultralights and so we adhere to FAR 103.
Some of the regulations include no cloud flying, no flights near airports, and no flights over 18,000 feet.

We are self governed by the United States Hang Gliding Association or USHGA.
Ratings are issued after receiving proper instruction. Novice pilots have completed a
minimum of 25 flights, 5 spot landings, 8 hours of ground school and a written test.
Intermediate and advanced ratings require more flights, airtime and further testing.

Another level of regulation would include local area guidelines as set by the
local club. With a very limited number of launches and landing options available to pilots,
local clubs have worked very hard over the years to secure these sites and work within the guidelines
set by local communities. Understandably certain neighbors don’t like pilots flying too close to their
homes or landing in certain areas. We encourage all pilots to fully understand the local guidelines before
jeopardizing a particular site by landing in a non-friendly area or “hot LZ.”

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