The Route

The Route Waypoints for category #3 will be in the following order:

THERM (Exit Start)
) PARMA LZ (Goal).

Launch from anywhere you like and your time will begin when you exit the .3 mile radius around “THERM” for the first waypoint “MONT P”.

For those of you new to flying in a competition format, you’re allowed to fly in and out of the start cylinder “THERM” as many times as you like, your time won’t begin until the last time you exit the cylinder for the 1st waypoint. When flying the course you must fly within the .3 mile radius of each waypoint before moving to the next waypoint and the route must be flown in the correct order. The winner of the “Race to Goal with Waypoints” will be the pilot that navigates the course correctly and makes it to goal with the fastest time.

The Route for Category #4:

THERM and WESTBO will be the turn points for the lap race. Launch from wherever you choose and do as many laps between the two waypoints as possible. The pilot that tags these turn points the most in a single flight wins. The same .3 radius applies to the waypoints in this category as well.


Waypoints to be used for Category #3 and #4

Each registrant will be e-mailed the following waypoint files:

SBXCwaypoints.wpt (CompeGPS)

SBXCwaypoints.mps (MapSource-old version)

SBXCwaypoints.gpx (MapSource-new version)

SBXCwaypoints.cup (SeeYou)

Waypoint file downloads are available at:


I was able to open both these files in GPSDump and MapSource and download them directly to my GPS. For those of you that use the program “See You”, download the file above with the .cup extension. Through MapSource I was also able to download the route as well. If you’re not able to download the files above and transfer them to your GPS, you can enter the waypoints manually from the list below. It would be a good idea for those of you downloading the above files to check them against the list below as well.

ALT L   Alternator Launch N34 30.078
W119 43.700
3765 ft 0.3 mi
ANT FA Antenna Farm N34 27.965
W119 40.671
2133 ft  0.3 mi
CATHED Cathedral Peak N34 29.059
W119 43.026
2953 ft  0.3 mi
CIEN LZ Cieneguitas LZ N34 27.404
W119 45.535
321 ft   
EASTBC East Beach LZ N34 24.935
W119 40.539
0 ft  0.3 mi
MONT P Montecito Peak N34 28.341
W119 38.302
3300 ft  0.3 mi
PARMA LZ Parma LZ N34 26.848
W119 41.258
613 ft 0.3 mi
SADDLE Saddle N34 28.653
W119 41.872
2625 ft  0.3 mi
SKY L Skyport Launch N34 28.864
W119 41.071
2880 ft  
THERM Thermal Factory N34 28.676
W119 40.494
3117 ft  0.3 mi
WESTBO West Bowl  N34 29.467
W119 44.172
3281 ft  0.3 mi

* Please set your GPS in the Lat/Lon hddd mm.mmm grid position and WGS 84 datum. Make sure your GPS in set for the correct time zone as well.


Uploading your Waypoints using GPSDump

Step 1:

If you don’t have MapSource or the SeeYou software you can still upload the waypoints from the files I’ve supplied to most GPS units using GPSDump. Open GPSDump, click on the “File” drop down menu and select "Read Waypoints."


Step 2:

Next, a window will open asking you which file to open from your hard drive. Find the file ”SBXCwaypoints.mps” that you’ve downloaded off the SBXC website and select it.


Step 3:

The waypoints will be displayed in the window and you must then highlight the entire left hand “ID” column.


Step 4:

Once the left hand column is highlighted, click the “Wpts” drop down menu and select one of the “Send to” options that apply to the unit you have. You must have your GPS turned on and plugged into your computer through a serial or USB port in order for the upload to complete.

That’s it, you’re done. Check your GPS to make sure the waypoints downloaded correctly. It’s probably a good idea to check the info on your GPS unit against the waypoint data on the website.


SBXC Challenge Overview


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