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SBXC Challenge Photo Gallery and Stories
November 12 & 13

11/13 - From Bo

A day to work on the tan and hang out with friends!
We did a bit of chasing it. We drove up to Skyport only to feel an occasional strong gust from the back, so we scooted up to Alternator, where it seemed a bit unpredictable. Ben and Paul take in the conditions. Paul hiked all the way up the mountain with his pack - he can be my Shirpa anytime! Dean gives an onsight GPS class to Tony and Skippy. Doug Gotthard and his dad, Wayne were up hoping to get a first tandem flight, but wer unfortunately denied by the weather gods. Tania took the show as she made faces for the camera. Finally Irene and Tania got the shot we were looking for. Joyce Huen was looking to have her first Mountain solo flight but was denied a second time. Ojai John was one of the few to post a flight today. Alison and Bo somehow have good spirits after driving up and down the mountain without a flight as Andy Palmer logs his second of the day behind them.


11/13 from Dean


11/12 - From Bo

What a nice day!
A couple of mellow flights from Skyport landing at Parma with good friends. Ryan, Ben and Ashley were ready to go. Ben had his first cross country flight here in Santa Barbara, landing at Westmont College. Dean was up for a challenge and propped up a sagging windsock. Nice work! Irene had her first flight of the Challenge and seemed to enjoy her day. Kipp showed us a spectacular hang gliding landing. Hansford landed and his wing kept going into the tree. He was clear of the tree in about 30 minutes with Dean & Irene's help. 45 minutes later he was airborn for a second flight. Hammer found another outlet today, but it was nice getting a glimps of how he cross trains. Ron Meyer was rolling as Dean put the heat on Darren to pay up his late entry fee. Parma was thick with paragliders. Marty and his Eaglets gave us a good show. Andy Palmer and Chris Grantham showed off some exceptional landing skills. Bob Hurlbett, who flew the furthest today (7.5 miles) hosted a SBXC Party with his wife Sara. It was a nice time to hang out with friends and tell fish stories. Thanks Bob and Sara! Darren was in heaven - oh the cookies! Bobbie took the lead in pledges gathered - $310, nice job Bobbie! Elizabeth Faoro and her daughter Sierra brought style and smiles to the party. It was nice seeing Bob and Marian at the party, we're looking forward to Marian returning to the sky after her ankle surgery.


11/12 from Dean



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