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SBXC Challenge Photo Gallery and Stories

Photos from Skippy from last weekend 11/19 & 11/20. Thanks Skippy!



Lots of driving and then ... great flying!

Hansford and Doug loading up at Cieneguitas. OJ loaded his truck after Dean got off the phone. OJ, Bob, and Ron hanging out at a windy launch as well as Bob Peloquin. Tony and Skippy in good spirits and ready to fly. Mike Preston looks out into the 15 mph ESE wind at Alternator. Bob Anderson, Aaron LaPlante, Hammer, Little John, Rolan and JR set up their hang gliders and hang out for conditions to straighten up. Tony De Groot is ready for action. Rumor has it that Hammer flew to the VOR, back to West Bowl and then out to the Training Hill - really nice flight considering the conditions! Jim Maddox, Tony, Jessica and Jim Wixtrim hanging out. Oliver and Eric steal the show. Oliver in mama's arms, then the little guy BASE Jumps off his pa to swoop in a steal Bo's Red Bull. I think we've got a future aerobatics pilot in our midst. Dean back on the phone as we drive down as the conditions turn on. Don't ask me! Dean, Andy Palmer, Chip and I race back up as soon as we could and connected with great lift over Thermal Factory. Dean and I went out to tag Montecito Peak and then we struggled. Dean made it to Westmont College and I came back to the Antennas and then to Parma. Kathleen McKenna, visiting from Boston, comes in to Parma for the first time. She also entered the SBXC Challenge and then made Monday's Santa Barbara Newspress newspaper.


11/20 from Dean - The Halftime Report

"Off the Map" with Diablo, Sundowner and Hammer
(Tony Deleo, Tom Truax and Robert Millington)

Graphics by Dean, Hosted by Bob and Sara Hulbett
Happy 28th Dean!



A nice day of flying in Santa Barbara

Skippy and Tony were ready to go when we arrived at launch. Tony kept asking, "should I go?" and finally he did and made it in the record books - 2:59:18 duration for one flight - nice work! Ben and Ashley look on as Tony takes to the sky. Irene and Skippy - French pilot chicks. Irene and a visiting pilot ask Dean to pull their fingers. Irene had a nice flight with a 1:58:15 duration. I had a nice flight down into Montecito - 9.2 miles. After I landed a hawk showed me how I could have kept going. Dean picked me up and we headed up to Skyport for a nice sledder. Ron Meyer in his new Gin Zulu. Dean made a few circles near the antennas. The sun was beautiful against the mountains as I flew out. Dean put on his best mime act. There was the eating an icecream pose and he also performed the robot for Bobbie. What a guy!


11/19 from Dean



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